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Laos – A Debriefing

Luke The Saviour! Our good friend Luke joined us on our second or third night there and was heartily welcomed by all. By which I mean he saved all our asses. He brought Ryker his Selsun Blue, he brought Gatty a new underwater camera, HE BROUGHT ME MY CREDIT CARD!!! God was I ever happy about that. Oh, I guess he didn’t bring Rush anything. Rush was all good. But

Laos – The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

We got off our bus at Central Backpackers. It had a little restaurant on the ground floor with a solid menu of inexpensive food and shakes, and the rooms had A/C (cost more to get it turned on). We liked the place and stayed there the entire duration of our Laos experience. We arrived at night so there wasn’t much to do, but I THINK we went to Smile Bar