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What I Learned after 7 Months of Travel

**You might think this is going to be another article praising the amazing and transformative things that happen to a person once they set off on a long journey abroad, but it’s not… I don’t think.  It’s about the things you learn and realize once back home to reality. What I Learned after 7 Months of Travel Coming back home: As anyone who’s been on a lengthy adventure overseas can

We’re Building a School With Change Heroes!

https://www.changeheroes.com/c/highon… Click this link to learn more about the project and get involved! We will be giving out $50 gift certificates to http://highonlife.ca/ the first 33 People to GET INVOLVED! Watch Taylor’s inspiring TED Talk behind Change Heroes.

Ultra Music Festival

A couple weeks ago we attended Ultra Music Festival in Split, Croatia. We spend 7 days on a beautiful yacht and sailed around the Adriatic Sea like pirates. Ultra if you don’t already know, is a massive music festival spanning across 3 days, hosting some of the worlds top Dj’s and Producers. The festival starts at 6pm and runs into the sun comes up at 6am. Now, if you’ve ever

How We Flew Across The Country To a House Party With Steve Aoki on a Moment’s Notice

On March 29th the phone rang in our apartment, the conversation went a little something like this: “Hey Sundayfundayz, this is Bud Light” “Hey, how’s it going?” “Great actually, I’m sorry for calling you so early (it was 8am), but I’m calling to see if you guys would be interested in flying to Toronto, so you can be a part of a house party with Bud Light, Steve Aoki, and

Music Mondays – The Club Inside My Head

I’m changing it up, tired of mellow love songs and classics that put me to sleep. I need intensity at 128BPM and I need it now! Mondays can be slow to start, but not in this house. This weeks playlist is 9 gems that seem to play on repeat inside my head. CAUTION: The music you are about to hear may cause sudden and abrupt dance moves that make you

Music Mondays – Coachella After Party #2!

As promised, I mentioned last week that I’d post 2 weeks worth of Coachella bangers and favourites. This is the music that’s been circulating in the High on Life Headquarters these past few days. So turn up your speakers and sift through them, knowing thousands and thousands of sweaty hippies danced their asses off to ’em too… Or when listening, close your eyes and pretend seeing Parker dance around the

High On Life Circus Party

We threw a party at Venue back in July, for Russia and Max’s birthday. It was circus themed and it was amazing. As expected, we filmed the whole party and put together a video showing what it was all about. Check out the video below.

Brazil Travel

Our first stop in Brazil was Buzios. Kind of a tourist town, about 2 hours from Rio. We were only there a couple days, but made sure to go out, grab some drinks and meet the people. There were nice beaches and good waves here as well, so we went surfing. We’ve only surfed a handful of times so suffice to say, we sucked, but oh well. It was fun nonetheless. Once we hit

Red Bull Flugtag Build and Launch

like https://www.facebook.com/sundayfundayz to see more of our travel adventures. We had 10 days to build a plane, get it across the country and launch it off a cliff… This is how it went down. follow: http://twitter.com/sundayfundayz apparel: http://highonlife.ca/

Felix Cartal – Young Love Feat. Koko LaRoo & Sundayfundayz

  Our Buddy Felix Cartal asked us to be in his New Music Video Check it out! You can also check out some of our behind the scenes photos here Felix Cartal – “Young Love” is out August 6 on the Past Present Felix EP from Dim Mak. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you… Felix Cartal website: http://younglove.felixcartal.com Felix Cartal FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/felixcartal Felix Cartal Twitter: https://twitter.com/felixcartal