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How We Flew Across The Country To a House Party With Steve Aoki on a Moment’s Notice

On March 29th the phone rang in our apartment, the conversation went a little something like this: “Hey Sundayfundayz, this is Bud Light” “Hey, how’s it going?” “Great actually, I’m sorry for calling you so early (it was 8am), but I’m calling to see if you guys would be interested in flying to Toronto, so you can be a part of a house party with Bud Light, Steve Aoki, and

Music Mondays – This is how we do it

I’m taking it back to the old school, cause i’m an old fool who’s so cool. If you want to get down, ima show you the way… Whoomp there it is, let me here you say. Yeah, thats right! As you can see by the “Old School” nature of this picture of me back in 2010, this week’s playlist is going back in time. So if you’re a youngin’, you

Music Mondays – Coachella After Party #2!

As promised, I mentioned last week that I’d post 2 weeks worth of Coachella bangers and favourites. This is the music that’s been circulating in the High on Life Headquarters these past few days. So turn up your speakers and sift through them, knowing thousands and thousands of sweaty hippies danced their asses off to ’em too… Or when listening, close your eyes and pretend seeing Parker dance around the

Music Mondays – Beats for the Bedroom

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single or taken, these kinds of jams will put you in the right mood. This weeks playlist is sexy, smooth, mellow, fun, and goes well with a glass of wine. Some of these might be a bit dated, but they go down quite well. Download my hour long Dancing Naked Mix – Mixtape For A Babe 1. Do Ya Like – Childish Gambino 2.

First Arrival in Thailand

Five hours from Delhi to Bangkok and we’re finally here. Let me point out that we have very high hopes/expectations of excitement, adventure and joy, so we are feeling pretty high on life right now. We pretty much went straight to NapPark hostel but we walked along a couple streets near Khao San road and got a pretty decent understanding of what we would be dealing with in Bangkok. And

Music Mondays – I Dance Naked (Feat. Party Favor)

This weeks music list is a shout out to Party Favor. I’m a big fan of house hits that are remixed into trap beats… here are my 9 current favorites. We’re bringing Party Favor to Vancouver on March 21st, if you want to come, get on the guest list here! 1. Big Fat (Party Favor’s Big Fat RE-FIX) – Deorro AKA TON!C 2. Booyah (Party Favor Remix) – Showtek feat.

Indian Wedding

The Wedding Ceremonies We didn’t really know much about Indian weddings or even truly what to expect. We knew that it was a bigger celebration here in India than it is at home, and we were told that this particular event was going to span four days! Bring it on. Day 1: Banyan Tree Farms/Villa The first night was a very relaxed event. We showed up, ate some snacks, got

High On Life Circus Party

We threw a party at Venue back in July, for Russia and Max’s birthday. It was circus themed and it was amazing. As expected, we filmed the whole party and put together a video showing what it was all about. Check out the video below.

High On Life Frosh Party

go to https://www.facebook.com/sundayfundayz to see more of our party adventures. The fun and banter at UBC Sauder Frosh. follow: http://twitter.com/sundayfundayz apparel: http://highonlife.ca/

High On Life Pants Party

go to https://www.facebook.com/sundayfundayz to see when and where the next will be. So our buddy Joe let us use his apartment to host a “High On Life” Party of epic and ridiculous proportions. Things got silly, glittery and messy 🙂 follow: http://twitter.com/sundayfundayz Tank Tops: http://highonlife.ca/ Joes: http://www.joesapartment.ca/ FML: https://www.facebook.com/FMLFRIDAYS