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Vietnam Voyage: Biking the Cloud Pass

Then There Were Three Again Rush left us the next morning, and the three of us rode out. The next part of our drive was absolutely beautiful! It was all mountains after Da Nang, and on the map, it was called Cloud Pass or something. My bike didn’t make it very far before dying out again, so we turned around and got it fixed up a bit before trying again.

Back In ‘Nam

  Ho Chi Minh City = Saigon So our bus pulls over at our destination in Saigon, Vietnam at about 8am. We’re pretty close to the tourist strip too, which is convenient, so naturally we decide to get food and figure out where we are and where we’re going. This is when we learned the important skill of crossing a street. There is SO much traffic everywhere in Vietnam, you

First Arrival in Thailand

Five hours from Delhi to Bangkok and we’re finally here. Let me point out that we have very high hopes/expectations of excitement, adventure and joy, so we are feeling pretty high on life right now. We pretty much went straight to NapPark hostel but we walked along a couple streets near Khao San road and got a pretty decent understanding of what we would be dealing with in Bangkok. And

Training For Jean-Claude Splits

Jean-Claude This was a pretty wicked experience. Ryker was the first of us to see it, and abruptly proceeded to show the rest of us. The Jean Claude Epic Splits video was downright hilarious! We were pretty much blown away by it, let’s be honest. We immediately started wondering if there was a way that we could try to recreate it. A few thoughts came to mind: Doing the splits