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A Visit to the Mushroom Factory

Day 7 – Chandigarh, India We had a great sleep in massive beds last night. We could really get used to living in luxury like this. Had breakfast with the family, facebooked for a bit, played a game of pool, and then we all went to the family factory. When we pulled out of his gate, the guard saluted Mann (Arjun’s dad) hardcore military style. It was pretty intense. So

Out of Goa – Off to Chandigarh

Day 5 – Last day in Goa Woke up again at dawn, that makes 5 days straight (I guess it takes some time to adjust to the other side of the world for the first time). We chilled for a bit, went to the beach one last time, and took some more pictures of stuff. We went to the battle arena to do some documentation stuff but nobody was ready