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Vietnam Voyage: Biking the Cloud Pass

Then There Were Three Again Rush left us the next morning, and the three of us rode out. The next part of our drive was absolutely beautiful! It was all mountains after Da Nang, and on the map, it was called Cloud Pass or something. My bike didn’t make it very far before dying out again, so we turned around and got it fixed up a bit before trying again.

Vietnam Voyage: Vinpearl Theme Park

Dalat, no. Nha Trang, yes. After leaving Mui Ne, we  headed for Dalat: the mountain city. It’s a couple hours inland from the coast, but supposedly a cool city to check out. We stuck to our coastal driving route until the turn off, but missed it somehow, so we just kept going. Looks like the new ‘next stop’ is Nha Trang. A few hours later, we arrived. It’s a big