As you may or may not know, the High on Life team and Sundayfundayz guys are all from Vancouver, Canada. We’ve spent the first half of this year putting a bit of focus on making new friends that are positive influencers and inspirations for us. In doing so, with a connection of a friend of a friend we got to meet Monstercat. If you aren’t “in the know” and have no idea what a “monstercat” is, that’s ok, go YouTube em!

Monstercat is one of Youtube’s leading Music Labels and is in the midst of turning the entire music industry upside down with its enthusiastic support for new and up and coming artists. They hit 1 million subscribers late last year and 8 months later sit at around 1.8 mill… Not too shabby eh? The team that works behind the label are some of the most humble and hard working gents we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They’re also one of the reasons we decided to start our own Music Curating Channel – High On Life Sound!

This weeks Music Monday posts is dedicated to showing you a plethora of different sounds all supported under the Monstercat Label. Some are chill, some are rowdy, but they’re all new, fresh, and awesome. Turn up your speakers and glide through these 8 treats.

Oh, and go subscribe to their channel and check em out on Facebook!!!

🙂 Dj Ramble

1. Stonebank – Moving On (Feat. EMEL)

2. Tristam – Once Again

3. Soulero – Seconds Away

4. Project 46 – Motionless (feat. Seri)

5. Rezonate – Canvas

6. Insan3Lik3 – Rescue Me (feat. Jonny Rose)

7. Televisor – The Chase

8. Pegboard Nerds – Here It Comes

Hope you enjoyed the tracks, see ya next week!
-Ramble out