Koh Tao


We cut it really close when catching this ferry. We were on standby until five minutes before departure. The ferry ride was about two hours long.

First thing we did when we got in was rent scooters. Except Rush, I guess, he got a quad. We cruised around for quite a while trying to find a nice place to stay, but to no avail. Luckily I saw our buddy Kenzo scooter past us, so I turned around and followed him. He was checking out a ballin’ place that I ended up bringing the guys back to. It’s like our 5-star hotel in India but only $50 a night for an A/C room with TV, fridge and three Queen-size beds. Oh, and a sick patio! It was we three plus Aaron and Joey (friends) for the first two nights, then they left and we picked up Cassiano (other friend). On day 2, Rush crashed his dirtbike a little. Just a tiny bail, but funny as hell. He had to pay an extra 3.5 thousand Baht for damages to the mirror or something. They didn’t notice the scratch in the shifter though, so he was pretty lucky.

We also met up with Collin and Zach again here. Basically every night was pre-drinks at our pad, then once everyone was socially lubricated, we’d head down to the bars at the beach (only a 15 min walk.) Speaking of which, Zach has been bailing pretty bad with his bikes. He had to pay like 15 thousand Baht the other day, and last night he bailed AGAIN drunk driving (we were not with him, obviously.) Cut himself up good! Ryker pulled him aside and spoke some powerful words to him about life choices, and we think it might have hit home. We hope so at least. Zach’s a great guy but he’s just destroying his body. They just left today for Krabi.

So on the beach they have the usual fire spinners (talented) but they also have a ring of fire to dive through. It was sweet but I told him to put it higher than I was able to clear, on sand at least. Solid ground, no problem. So I clipped it and was a loser. I had to redeem myself, so when they brought out the fire jump rope, I rocked a sick backflip and kept jumping. It was a proud moment for me.

We were supposed to leave after maybe four days, but Ryker got conned into taking his advanced

Ryker's new tattoo

Ryker’s new tattoo

diving certificate (he wanted to get it anyways) so we stayed a little longer for him.

On our last night (like 1am, St. Patty’s day) Ryker got a tattoo. He got “Made In Canada” on the underside of his foot. Apparently Russia was the one who talked him into it. Apparently the bottom of the foot is an incredibly painful place to get a tattoo, hahaha.


St. Patty’s Day/End of Koh Tao


Ryker’s Scooter Debacle

Today was pretty relaxed for the most part. But at night, things kept going wrong. We went to return Rykers scooter by the pier, I drove the scooter, Ryker took Russia’s crappy “accident-no-problem” bike; and halfway back, Ryker’s bike (Russia’s) ran out of gas. So we turned back around and I had to try to drive my scooter while pushing Ryker’s with my foot. A little distance would have been fine, but I had to push him halfway across the island! People looked at us like we were absolutely nuts. For some reason, I was under the impression that we needed to go back to the shop to open the gas tank and put gas in, but they didn’t have any gas, and apparently we didn’t need them either. So we turned around again and I pushed him back up the road to the gas station. We filled it up and drove back to the pier. It was such a pain in the butt!

Mean, Awful Lady

By the time we got there the lady was closing shop. Ryker tried to return his scooter but she wouldn’t accept it because he was late. And he couldn’t get his passport back because the owner had the key to the safe, and he’d left. The lady was a complete jerk to us. She told Ryker he could try calling him but wouldn’t let us use her phone. So Ryker could not get his passport today. And we had tickets for a boat ride out that night. So we then had to go to the boat booking place and change our tickets over to the next night. Such a waste of time.

Ryker and Cassiano partied that night but Rush and I stayed in. Since we hadn’t booked a room that night, we had to move to a new room. Cassiano didn’t come home, Rush slept in the Norwegians room (deathly ill) and Ryker was being loud and ruined my sleep. So at about 5am, after giving up on falling back asleep, I decide to go take a trek by my lonesome.

Koh Tao Viewpoint


Gorgeous View of the Island

Gorgeous View of the Island

It was the crack of dawn. As I walked away from our hotel, I pondered where I could go to pass a few hours. I thought about the beach maybe, but decided against it. A restaurant would have been perfect, especially if I had my notebook on me, but I didn’t think to bring it. Plus I didn’t have any more Baht and was having difficulties taking more out. I was pretty much screwed. Just then, I remembered there was a view point nearby. Well nearby if you had a bike… Screw it, I got time to kill. So I started up the hill towards it.

The island is quite beautiful anyways, but I was really looking forward to the view from the top, so up, and up I climbed. I was sweating profusely and the sun wasn’t even overhead yet. It was a weird solo trek with a few odd bugs here and there and some little shacks. It took about 45 minutes from bottom to top, and I was dead tired by the end of it. The view point however, was so beautiful. I sat on a big rock with a dog named Lat-lo. He was super cute, but I saw a flea on him so I stopped petting him. I sat there meditating for about two hours, then decided I was ready to head back.


Russia Lounging on the Beach

Met up with the guys for lunch around the beach and chilled. We made sure to take Ryker’s scooter back early enough, but the shop people were demon spawn. They charged Ryker for the dumbest things. They said he was late again (which we weren’t! The evil lady just inspected the bike for ten minutes!) Then she proceeded to charge him an extra 600 Baht for invisible scratches that she made up. He just wanted his damn passport back, so he paid it and we had dinner with Cass, Jake, Dion and Jenna. We showed them all our vids, drank some Changs and caught our boat to Chumporn before bussing to Krabi. We’re goin’ to Phi Phi!

P.S. I slept the whole boat ride! I thank the Changs.