So last summer we came up with the idea to do some different kinds of videos, something more social, that would get others involved. Personally, we’re really big on watching prank videos on YouTube and we thought about doing some of our own, but the more we thought about it, the more we started veering towards random acts of kindness. Surprising unsuspecting strangers with positive messages and/or encounters. This is how we came up with the idea for the, “Keeping People Company” video.

Max's Date

The basis behind it was to join one of the hundreds of strangers sitting alone downtown Vancouver at lunch time, get invited to sit with them casually, then pull out a vase with flowers, some sparkling apple juice, light a candle… and create a nice little atmosphere for whoever happens to be the target. Seeing as we’re a group of guys, we had initially intended on accompanying women for lunch and the setup would almost simulate a date atmosphere, but to make things more interesting, we started picking out men to approach and join for lunch. This was slightly more uncomfortable for us, but the challenge was set, and it was a lot of fun.


Mostly everybody was apprehensive at first (as was to be expected) but some people went along with it much more comfortably than others (granted the people in the video had already agreed to let us sit with them, so that gives you a little information on their character). One of the more enjoyable moments for us, was watching their reactions and trying to figure out what was going through their heads. One lady thought we were about to try to sell her something, and several others wondered if there was a hidden camera somewhere. Funny enough….