Sleep was less than comfortable, but I’m used to sleeping homeless or on the floor of a small room so what do I care?

This morning was ridiculous. We were mad at the landlord lady for trying to charge us 1000 rupees for bringing in a crappy little mattress that we didn’t use, AND she wouldn’t give us the free breakfast. So we left three little gifts in the room for her and continued on our way.  Our next stop was the wifi cafe for breakfast. We really like masala chai. We also rented 3 more scooters that day, so we ended up spending a lot of time as a scooter brigade, killin’ the streets of India. We got our new villa today around 13:00. It’s so magnificently ballin’, we were stoked. It’s an entire house with three bedrooms, a kitchen, shower, sick patio right beside the beach, and a dude who cooks and cleans for us. His name is Shanker, he’s awesome. There are also many coconut trees. Russia climbed one and plucked the most succulent coconut he could get his hands on. We tossed it around for a bit but never actually got it open. I mean we could have if we really tried 😉

Driving the roads on scooters was sick! We were weaving cars,bikes, buses and elephants like it ain’t no thang. Drove around for awhile then grabbed dinner at a hut on the beach somewhere. The music here was pretty rowdy, house and electro. It was just killing Ryker though, he wanted to take over the music so badly. His DJ instincts.

On the way home there was a BJP rally for the Indian election and cars were backed up so badly. And in India, that’s saying something. We wanted to wait for awhile for it to clear up a bit but it would have taken a couple hours so we manned up and drove though the chaos and madness. I’m pretty sure each of is almost crashed at least a couple times, but we all made it back fine. Grabbed a few more drinks, then back to bed.