A couple of days ago the boys and I rented a boat and went on an 8 hour fishing journey across the east coast of Thailand. We started off throwing our rods in the water to catch some bait. Within a few hours we had caught over 30 fish. At one point, i caught 2 fish in a row only to hear Gatty screaming as he pulled 3 in fish on his line… While celebrating the catch, Kin our 7 year old fishing friend reeled his line in with 4 fish on it… the day was off to a good start. After snorkelling a bit, having lunch, getting retardedly sun burnt, and drinking some Changs, we tried to catch some bigger game. Gatty diced open a small sardine so that it still looked like a fish, but had enough blood coming out to attract the sharks and swordfish we sought. 30 seconds after dropping my line in the water I felt a pull… a big pull. I screamed like a little school girl and started reeling it in, as it came to the surface our boat driver yelled “don’t bring it out of the water!!!”… too late… With all four of us screaming, laughing, and yelling at the top of our lungs, in the midst of getting gaffed, the 2 foot squid that was wrapped around our bait shot its load of ink into the boat and completely covered Parker, Russia, and every square inch of surface in their direction.

This is what Parker looked like right after he took the load: