We are lucky enough to be in a position where we can use what what are building towards making a positive difference in the world. Below are a couple projects we have done.

 Build a School for 1000 Children

logo change heroes

Change Heroes based out of Vancouver was founded by a personal friend of ours. The concept is simple get 33 of your friends to donate $3.33 every day for three months and you can raise $10k to build a school that will educate over 1000 kids in a developing country. We were able to do just that and fund our campaign by reaching out to our audience and meeting the goal. Here is the link to our campaign. Below is the video we used to start this project.


Raise money for Cancer Research


The Vancouver Underwear Affair is a short walk or run aimed to fund and support research for cancers below the waist. We signed up as an official sponsor and reached out to raise money. Video below.