How To Dance When You Are High On Life Videos

We had literally filmed this video about 15 minutes after waking up on a Sunday morning, it was completely spontaneous, and contrary to what you might think we weren’t high on anything… except for life. And obviously Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tunak Tun. To be honest we didn’t think much of it because these kinds of shenanigans are a daily occurrence, and though it was funny to us we had no idea that it

Do My Laundry Baby

go to for more laundry tips. Parker likes to do his laundry in the morning after breakfast, when it’s the freshest… high on detergent…

How To Dance When You’re High On Life

go to for more dance and awesomeness! How to dance when it feels good to be alive and this song is the first thing you hear in the morning you can’t help but to break out in dance! How to Dance When You’re High on Life… And stuff…

Let The Bass Cannon Kick It

go to for more bass cannon… Due to global warming and the destruction of natural habitat the average pedo bear must adapt to survive in an urban environment, however the long believed to be extinct snow (troll) yeti has adapted also. Now they must struggle to share a common living environment…

I Make It Bacon

go to for more bacon… In this meaty world, when all may seem forsaken, if you can’t handle the grease, don’t mess with the bacon!