Top 10 Things to See in Peru

And now for the top 10 things to SEE in Peru… Lima Lima is the capital of Peru and also the largest city, with a population of almost ten million. Although there is so much to see and do in this city, we used it mainly as a starting and finishing point in our travels. Most, if not all, flights in and out of the country go through Lima so

Top 10 Things to do in Peru

This is our top 10 list of things to DO in Peru. We have a separate list for things to SEE in case you were wondering why the hell Machu Picchu wasn’t on here. That’s why. Eat Everything I’ll be honest, food is a pretty common thing that we recommend in different countries we’ve traveled to, but I must stress the importance of trying everything in Peru. According to National

Top 10 Things To Do in India

This list was made on account of our own adventures. There are surely other things to do in India that we haven’t mentioned, but in our own experience, this is our top 10 list.     Spend Some Time on the Beaches   India is home to some gorgeous beaches. Most of which are in the south, obviously, as the north is attached to other countries and also a heck

Top 10 Things To Do In Cambodia

Based on our travels through Cambodia, we’ve put together a Top 10 Things To Do list. These activities are based on our own experiences in the country, and therefore may differ from other people’s lists. So without further ado and in no particular order:   1. Shooting Range There are several places throughout Cambodia where you can let off some steam and fire some automatic weaponry. And compared to North

Steve Aoki Concert, End of Thailand

More T-Shirt Biz We went back to the mall a few days later to check on our samples but they got the colour scheme wrong. So we showed them what to change/fix and we returned the following day. The logos looked cool and we were happy with them when we returned to the tank top place. But with enough crinkling, the logo creased, cracked and showed substantial wearing. They assured us

Making Clothing (Back to Bangkok)

The bus rides from Vang Vieng to Bangkok sucked. The first one had no air conditioning and I was stinky and sweaty in the back of the stuffy bus. I felt bad for sitting next to the people I was sitting next to. I’m sure the girl beside me was grossed out. Then again, she was just as sweaty. Anyways, the bus rides were lame and the border was lame.

Laos – A Debriefing

Luke The Saviour! Our good friend Luke joined us on our second or third night there and was heartily welcomed by all. By which I mean he saved all our asses. He brought Ryker his Selsun Blue, he brought Gatty a new underwater camera, HE BROUGHT ME MY CREDIT CARD!!! God was I ever happy about that. Oh, I guess he didn’t bring Rush anything. Rush was all good. But

Laos – The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

We got off our bus at Central Backpackers. It had a little restaurant on the ground floor with a solid menu of inexpensive food and shakes, and the rooms had A/C (cost more to get it turned on). We liked the place and stayed there the entire duration of our Laos experience. We arrived at night so there wasn’t much to do, but I THINK we went to Smile Bar

End of Vietnam: Hanoi

We arrived in Hanoi only a couple of days after Russia. We knew he was at a backpackers hostel but we literally had no clue which way to go upon entering the city. So we just kinda followed our instincts/highest congestion of traffic until we decided we’d better pull over and get some wifi. Well we happened to get ourselves within only a few blocks of his place, so he

Vietnam Voyage: Biking the Cloud Pass

Then There Were Three Again Rush left us the next morning, and the three of us rode out. The next part of our drive was absolutely beautiful! It was all mountains after Da Nang, and on the map, it was called Cloud Pass or something. My bike didn’t make it very far before dying out again, so we turned around and got it fixed up a bit before trying again.