How to Save for Your Trip

Alright so we get a looooot of questions that revolve around money and traveling, so I’m writing this article to help shed a little light on the situation. YES: you need money to travel. NO: you don’t need to be rich (not even close). Before we begin, please take into consideration that not everybody’s situation is the same. Some of these options are more viable for some than others, and

8 Money Savvy Tips to Help You Travel Longer

The #1 question people ask us is… …“How do you guys afford to travel?”   First and foremost, you don’t need to be rich to travel. If you want to travel, you can, and you don’t need to have tons of money to do it.  We’ll post some articles on how we’ve managed to save up large amounts of money, along with tips and tricks to help you do the same,

How to Save 10k in 1 Year

First and foremost, I fully understand that my personal life experiences aren’t something that all people can replicate, and I know everyones situation is different. However, I do believe the tools and values I learned and instilled could provide a bit of guidance to anyone looking to achieve their own financial goals. How to Save 10k In 1 Year The Goal: To buy a one-way ticket to Australia with Parker and

Royal Caribbean: A Cruise to Better Myself

  Oh the desserts though… We recently embarked on a 12-day cruise with Royal Caribbean through, you guessed it, the Caribbean! We had never done a proper cruise before and we didn’t know exactly what to expect. On the first day, we took a stroll up to the gym and were shocked to read a little fact posted on the whiteboard:  “The average cruiser gains 1-2 lbs a day”. This

Music Mondays – Lets go for a cruise!

This weeks MM’s is focused on the stuff that goes BOOM! I’m talking house and electro house… the mainstream dance floor bangers that everyone loves to hate. No, #Selfie will not be included in this list, but you can expect the likes of David Guetta, Kaskade, Calvis Harris, Avicci, The Chainsmokers, and more. And if you feel like hating on this list, I honestly don’t care, I can sing the

Music Mondays – meet MONSTERCAT

As you may or may not know, the High on Life team and Sundayfundayz guys are all from Vancouver, Canada. We’ve spent the first half of this year putting a bit of focus on making new friends that are positive influencers and inspirations for us. In doing so, with a connection of a friend of a friend we got to meet Monstercat. If you aren’t “in the know” and have

Ultra Music Festival

A couple weeks ago we attended Ultra Music Festival in Split, Croatia. We spend 7 days on a beautiful yacht and sailed around the Adriatic Sea like pirates. Ultra if you don’t already know, is a massive music festival spanning across 3 days, hosting some of the worlds top Dj’s and Producers. The festival starts at 6pm and runs into the sun comes up at 6am. Now, if you’ve ever

Music Mondays – High On Life Sound!

Hey friends, we’ve recently started a new YouTube channel dedicated to finding new and awesome music that we love and want to share with you! Its called HIGH ON LIFE SOUND, and we’d love it if you subscribed. We’re posting new stuff twice a week so you can get a dose of our feel good jams all the time. This weeks playlist is the first of its kind and is

How We Flew Across The Country To a House Party With Steve Aoki on a Moment’s Notice

On March 29th the phone rang in our apartment, the conversation went a little something like this: “Hey Sundayfundayz, this is Bud Light” “Hey, how’s it going?” “Great actually, I’m sorry for calling you so early (it was 8am), but I’m calling to see if you guys would be interested in flying to Toronto, so you can be a part of a house party with Bud Light, Steve Aoki, and