Alright so those flights from Vancouver to Goa were brutally long and arduous.

Vancouver – Chicago: 4 hours

Chicago – Washington: 2 hours

Washington – Qatar: 12 hours

Qatar – Goa: 3 hours

Including the layover time sitting in different airports, it took us well over a day to get to India. But once we got here we were so stoked! Except that I left my iPhone on the plane in Qatar and had to go to the lost and found at the Goa airport and explain my case. So tomorrow I need to send an email to the Qatar airlines and get them to find it and send it to me. But for now, we have nothing else to do but leave. So we grabbed a cab. This is the first time I got to view the plethora of canines prowling the streets everywhere. Even though I know they’re dirty and disease ridden, I was excited to see them all (if you were unaware, I LOVE dogs). So about 3:30 Goan time and we are now looking for a place to crash for the night. We drive around for a bit but none of the places we stop at have any room for us. However most of the receptionist dudes kinda looked us up and down before deciding that they had no room for us, so its plausible that they just don’t take too kindly to us “gora” folk (Gora means white by the way). And in this particular neighbourhood there only beach resorts so when we did find a place with rooms, it was like $400 Canadian, and they would only let three people per room max. So we slept on the beach baby! We walked along until we found some pool chairs (beach chairs?), dropped our bags, changed into our swim trunks, set up the camera and tripod and filmed some flips and stuff before bed.

I got a 40 minute nap until the sun rose. The boys stayed up till dawn, then we met George and his dogs Tyson and Max. He could clearly tell we had nowhere to stay so he told us to go with him and check out some places. So we did. Go figure none of the places had rooms for us either. Also, his dog got into a scrap with another dog and George started whipping the hell out of the other dog until it left. It was intense, and kinda sad. But we eventually ¬†found a nice looking place for about $80, which is actually not a great deal around here either but that’s what we get for not booking anything in advance I guess. So we dropped our bags and hit the beach again. About 8:45 we start walking down the beach. We stop here and there for beer and juice and eats, scope out some hunnies (very few) and just keep walking. From what I can tell, the beach spans for many miles and is non-stop lawn chairs, hammocks and huts for food and drink. All the huts have slightly different swag, eg. decorations, themes, pool tables. On our way back a few hours later, we stopped at a little cliff thing and filmed tons of flips. Then some little Indian kids joined us and we made some new friends (well not really). And we found out later that the little Indian girl was a crazy “pots on head, foot in jar, tightrope walker”. It was pretty skills. Then we went for a swim and left the beach. We rented scooters right afterwards. They’re so cheap, we got two scooter for five days, and it cost us two thousand rupees (about $45). Then we just chilled for the rest of the night and went to bed.

Miscellaneous notes:

The “nice” place we stayed at was only nice on the outside, it was pretty lame inside.

There are lots of Russians here, and lots of signs are even in Russian.

Every single dog has at least a few scars or patches of hair missing.

Dogs are very dirty and don’t seem to like scooters very much. Usually bark at them.

Kingfisher company seems to own everything.