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How to Save for Your Trip

Alright so we get a looooot of questions that revolve around money and traveling, so I’m writing this article to help shed a little light on the situation. YES: you need money to travel. NO: you don’t need to be rich (not even close). Before we begin, please take into consideration that not everybody’s situation is the same. Some of these options are more viable for some than others, and

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Our Personal Methods of Staying in Shape on the Road Traveling and fitness don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Getting a workout done is usually something you do when you have free time and can go to the gym and make your own protein shake or smoothie. When you’re on the road, you won’t always have access to a gym. You may not have access to the usual foods and drinks that

Top 10 Things to See in Italy

Here is our top 10 list of things you must see/do in Italy. Please note: we didn’t do a complete tour of the country, so there will be other places to see that aren’t on our list that probably should be. This list is a ‘personal’ top 10 list.   Florence Also known by its Italian name: Firenze, the city of Florence is pretty much the birthplace of the renaissance.

Arequipa & the Colca Canyon

After Lima, we flew into Arequipa, another major city in Peru. It was very similar to Lima, but maybe just a little less developed. We got to try some interesting food here too. One Peruvian delicacy is called ‘Cuy’ (Guinea Pig). It tasted very much like KFC, but was mentally challenging because you’re still eating a cute little guinea pig. Arequipa is over 3 km in altitude, so altitude sickness is a common occurrence in

Top 10 Things to Do in Argentina

  Bike Tour Argentina is a big, bustling city and if you don’t want to explore it via taxi or bus, we suggest renting a bike and cruising around for a day or two. The tours are guided by several people so you’ll be shown all the coolest spots around the city in a timely, productive and relatively safe manner. Oh, and don’t forget the fitness aspect! You’re biking around

Top 10 Things to Do in Brazil (Rio)

Bikinis & Speedos Look, whether you know it or not, Brazillians wear small bathing suits, and they rock them. The guys wear speedos and the women wear tiny little bikinis. I don’t know if women are all really big into working out their glutes or what, but they just have the most curvy, veluptuous butts we’ve ever laid eyes on. Going to the beach is a real treat on the

Top 10 Things to See in Peru

And now for the top 10 things to SEE in Peru… Lima Lima is the capital of Peru and also the largest city, with a population of almost ten million. Although there is so much to see and do in this city, we used it mainly as a starting and finishing point in our travels. Most, if not all, flights in and out of the country go through Lima so

Royal Caribbean: A Cruise to Better Myself

  Oh the desserts though… We recently embarked on a 12-day cruise with Royal Caribbean through, you guessed it, the Caribbean! We had never done a proper cruise before and we didn’t know exactly what to expect. On the first day, we took a stroll up to the gym and were shocked to read a little fact posted on the whiteboard:  “The average cruiser gains 1-2 lbs a day”. This

Top 10 Things to do in Peru

This is our top 10 list of things to DO in Peru. We have a separate list for things to SEE in case you were wondering why the hell Machu Picchu wasn’t on here. That’s why. Eat Everything I’ll be honest, food is a pretty common thing that we recommend in different countries we’ve traveled to, but I must stress the importance of trying everything in Peru. According to National

Top 10 Things To Do in India

This list was made on account of our own adventures. There are surely other things to do in India that we haven’t mentioned, but in our own experience, this is our top 10 list.     Spend Some Time on the Beaches   India is home to some gorgeous beaches. Most of which are in the south, obviously, as the north is attached to other countries and also a heck